Thursday, 9 December 2010

Vegans, vegetarians and children read no further!

For dinner tonight I had Reindeer Burgers (well it is the Christmas season), they were surprisingly tasty and mild in flavour.  I have found mince here, whether it be beef, lamb, foal/horse and now reindeer to be of exceptional top quality and very lean (sorry no photos, didnt have my camera on me).   Reindeer mince is around 1400 ISK approx $12-13 AUD per kilo but virtually all meat product. 

Some things are surprisingly cheap, such as milk which is about 95c AUD per litre and panadol about $2.50 for a pack of 30.  Yet other stuff, especially food of the poultry kind, like chicken breasts are very expensive at $22 AUD per kilo and I have been told that an average size turkey this year will set you back 12,000 ISK which is approx $106-110 AUD.  I suspect it all evens out in the long run though.

Another bit of trivia that has nothing to do with food, the other day on Icelandic radio I heard....Slim Dusty singing A Pub With No Beer!


  1. Probably will tell you in real life, also: the other day I heard a cover of John Farnham - You're the Voice, but with Icelandic words. I mean, I realise that happens, but it was still weeeeird.

  2. Would love to make you a perfect mince meat pie like my Mom used to make it in my youth...

    Looked for a goose to serve on Christmas Day but found them all sold out about town. So we shall enjoy two braised lamb shanks imported from New Zealand... they are fat and looking good.