Monday, 24 January 2011

Lounge, dining and study - Tick!

Finally I seem to have become a little sorted.  I have finished painting the lounge/dining and study, (with Ross's help) unpacked the relevant boxes of stuff and found everything a home...although for some things that home may be temporary as it takes a while to really know where their final resting place will be.
The apartment in the Post House suffered from feature wall syndrome with all the other walls painted in what I now call Post Office light grey...this may be alright for some but as my furniture and collections are quite eclectic I need a neutral palate for the base of any room.  Basically the apartment is just having a facelift with paint as I do not wish to spend any significant money on it just yet as my funds will be needed to renovate downstairs for the business.

Here are a couple of  pics of the rooms before I purchased the property.

Lounge room
 Dining room

Pretty much since I got the key on the 31st Dec I have been painting and sanding and is a slow process but I am begininng to feel very comfortable. We painted all the woodwork white as well as it just seems to make things flow a little better.  Ross and I put the final touches to the lounge dining by hanging some of my artwork on Saturday.  I am pleasantly surprised how my things have managed to fit in quite well to their new surroundings.  These two rooms have quite a spacious feeling and I don't feel cramped at all considering it is an apartment.

I only have a little purse size digital wide angle lens so had to take a few shots from different angles...apologies if you get bored.

This is the view into the lounge/dining from the hallway

 The dining area view from the lounge room

 View from the left hand corner of the dining area

 View from the far left corner of the dining room

 a little detail view

 View from the far right corner to the opposite left corner

 The back wall of the dining area
 View from the dining area into the lounge room

  View from the dining area into the lounge room different angle

   View from the dining area into the lounge room again different angle

  and again...the doorway leads out to the foyer/hallway

The office is quite small, especially with my large old desk which is 106cm x 167cm taking up nearly half the room.  However I don't think it will bother me as it has a fantastic view and I will only look up to gaze out and not so much within.

 The spectacular view from the office window of the mountains across the fjord.

Tomorrow I start painting the bedroom and then will move onto the hallway and foyer.


  1. It´s looking so nice Vicki - will need to visit soon to check out all the art work!

  2. Congratulations Vicki, The house looks fantastic. Thank you for our yummy meal there, it felt like you'd been entertaining there for years. I am sure you will be happy in Saudarkrokur. I'm jealous of your Henri access!!! Love Unnur

  3. Come any time Sigga!

    Unnur, you will be back here in the blink of an eye...I can't believe that it is almost Feb. Hope the long trip home was bearable. XXX

  4. The apartment is looking fantastic. Looks like you're home. XX

  5. Before it was painted... your lounge room looks like my dining room (Jungle Green) I am enchanted with the painting hanging upon the wall in your first piccie... Simply beautiful!!

  6. Hi Vicki, it looks really lovely, you have done a great job, i cannot wait to visit one day, will i want to return, hmmm that will be interesting. Keep enjoying yourself, you look great, relaxed and happy, I feel really happy for you, lots of love Zoy xx