Friday, 21 January 2011

A lucky man is rarer than a white crow ~ Juvenal

Well I think 2011 is going to be a good year for me...I smell a change in the air.  Things feel very very good and everything seems to be falling into place. I feel really really lucky for the first time in my life, the type of luck that shapes circumstances, events, opportunities and brings about unexpected good fortune.  Usually I very rarely win anything, I can only remember ever winning two things, one was when I was in grade 3 primary school and I guessed the correct number of Jelly beans in a jar, the prize being the jar of jelly beans and when I was about 27, I won a leg of lamb and a basket of vegies in a local community raffle...that is pretty much the extent of my winnings over the last 52 years.

This week, however I won a giveway from Charlotta at Space for Inspiration.  Charlotta writes a lifestyle/decorating blog which I follow and is an artist, designer and interior stylist for children. Charlotta currently lives in Sydney and later this year will be returning to live in her homeland of Sweden with her family.  Since early last year we have chatted together via emails, it is amazing how you can feel quite connected to certain people this way, without ever having met them.  I did discover this many years ago when teaching art students around the world through an online course...really emails are just the fast modern version of good old fashioned letter writing. 

The prize was one that I have coveted for a while, It is a limited edition signed Photography Artwork from her husband Marshall's portfolio.   I had previously looked at Marshall's work and there are so many images that I love and since then have always wished to own one.  Well now I do!  It was a difficult choice to make as there were so many fantastic works to choose from but I narrowed it down to the Australian images...and eventually to this one Rock Island, Coogee Beach...I love its stillness and the feeling of peace it evokes in me. 

Rock Island, Coogee Beach

Thanks Charlotta and Marshall you certainly brightened my day, I might just go now and buy a ticket here in the Viking lotto!


  1. Thats awesome, Mum! You must have passed your luck down through the genes, as I am somewhat the same way, but as you are, I am very optimitic that change is in the air, and yes 2011 will be a very promising year.

    Also I thought that I might comment, I have been recently looking for places in Coogee, to Live, so hey we may be looking at the same horizon at opposite ends of the world.

    Love you. xo

  2. Congrats on your win!~ amazing to actually win something you like!