Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bedroom - tick!

Finished the bedroom on the weekend, it is now light and airy, quite a difference to what it was before.  I had a great sleep on Sunday night..the room really feels good.  I still have to sort the artwork and pictures for this room as the very large prints are not going to fit ...not enough wall space...however I have a plan drawer full of artwork so it won't be too hard to find something that is right for the space.

After pic
I have had this old wrought iron bed for 30 years....just can't part with it.

Before pic
This image is of the room when the previous tenants were here, you can see once again the dark grey feature wall thing happening...pretty much every room seems to have had a feature colour....only the bathroom and the hall escaped.  The other walls were the very drab post office light grey...although this does not seem so noticeable in this image.

Painting everything white seems to have brightened up the room considerably, she now has a radiant cheery glow.

 Plenty of wardrobe space

 You get a glimpse of the lovely view out the window from this angle, which is the scene I get to see when lying in bed.

 There is a balcony through this door, it will be lovely to sit out there in the summer, it has fabulous views across the town and the fjord to the mountains.

Here are a few images of the vistas, I took the first two today and it was gently snowing.

The two pics below are ones of the view across the fjord to the mountains, I took these last Feb when I first laid eyes on the place.

Tomorrow I start on the hallway which is quite a big job there are no less than 9 door frames and 5 doors to paint!


  1. Nice job Vicki - looks really really nice...;°)....

  2. Hello

    I just wanted to say how happy I am to see these photos of the old post office. We have never met, but I heard you bought the place - this is the house I grew up in - and it's wonderful to see the look of it again.

    Hope you like your new home. I really miss that place, especially the view!

  3. Hi Maria, if you are in Sauðárkrókur at any time, call in and have a walk down memory lane. I would be very happy to show you around and find out any history/stories of the place.