Friday, 11 February 2011

Lazy Days!

The Þorroblót last Saturday night heralded the start of a very lazy week, the hallway is half finished, I should have painted the door frames and doors by now but just haven' excuse really! 

If you want to know what a Þorroblót is checkout this post and this one from last year.  This year I have to say the food was more to my taste, Sigga took pity on us foreigners and prepared sushi and chicken wings and instead of the sheeps head we had sheeps head paté made by Kristin which was quite tasty.  Patricia (a food scientist) marinated the sheeps testicals, rotten shark and whale in a mixture of various herbs and spices which I think certainly improved their original flavours, although her partner Bjarki was not so sure, as his idea of heaven is the traditional þorroblót food...what can I say...each to their own!

 Our array of can see the sushi in the far left corner and Patricia's marinade in the squarish container, the chicken wings are hidden from public view, we were already treading dangerous ground with the sushi!

Our little group was multinational
L-R Patricia (from Brazil) and Annabell (from France)

L-R Sigga and Bjarki (both from Iceland but they have lived overseas before, Sigga in Australia and Germany and Bjarki in Japan where he met his lovely Patricia) and of course the missing Aussie photographer.  And to make it truly an international event we all ate with chopsticks.

The view from my windows are amazing and they entice me outdoors, so this week I have been on a few long walks. Wednesday morning after standing at the kitchen window admiring the vista of the fjord I had the irresistible urge to walk along the shoreline, the temperature was about -7c but it felt wonderful, the air here is amazing. That was the first thing I noticed when I stepped outside the airport after arrival...the air is just so phenomenally clean and fresh and invigorating.  I always feel rejuvenated after a good walk here.  I have posted too many pictures of inside lately so here are a few of the outdoors...the landscape here never fails to take my breath away.

The shore here is covered in pebbles/rocks of all colour and size

I am still picking up heart shaped ones and went home with my pockets bulging...the large one is bigger than my fist.

The weather on Thursday was an absolutely magnificent 4c, the sky was blue, the sun was out and the air was still, so this time I walked up over the graveyard and down the other side with Freyja (who missed out on the walk the day before...I felt guilty and had to make it up to her).

 The view of the town from the graveyard

 Sheep here are very curious animals and as soon as they see you they come closer to check you out.

Whilst walking, Freyja and I encountered a man on horseback taking his trusty steed for a little tölt. Freyja was very good only making a half hearted bark at him.

The tölt is so smooth the rider barely moves up and down, this is my style of horseriding suitable for young and old...hopefully in the summer I get to have a go.

The days here are getting longer and before I know it there will be nearly 24 hrs of daylight, at the moment sunrise is around 9.30am and sunset about 5.30pm.


  1. Great post Vicki!! I am even pleased with the photo of me....

  2. The sky looks amazing in all those photos.

  3. I don't think i could eat rotten shark even with the herbs and spices. And I am looking forward to the video of YOU on a horse!!

  4. Love the images, reminds me of the Victoria and Albert stone beach project. Check it out - you could do a fabulous Andy Goldsworthy with those pebbles. (V&A homepage) I keep looking for pebbles here but not much luck! Love the apartment. Love the blog!! and all the food - bring on the smelly shark!! Love Gill

  5. Hi Gill, lovely to hear from you. Yes I have already thought about doing a Goldsworthy project on the beach, perhaps in summer when there is plenty of daylight. I might even add to the V&A project. Come for a visit we can do one together...but you can have the rotten shark on your own.

    And Kerry just you wait for the will happen.