Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Black Pearl

Firstly a birthday wish to my youngest, Jesse turned 24 on Thursday, we had a great chat via skype and I got to talk to his lovely girlfriend Michelle who he met not long after I left for Iceland...hopefully she will be able to visit here with him at Christmas and we get to meet in the flesh.

This is a gorgeous photo of Jesse and Michelle at the Premiere of Little Sparrows in Perth (not often I get to see Jesse in a suit). source

 I have a new friend, her name is Perla, (pronounced something like per-dla) Icelandic for pearl.
She is staying with me for the weekend to see if we are a good match far it is looking good.  Perla is a black Labrador, has a very gentle nature, is friendly, well mannered and quiet...a good companion.  Her family are moving to the big smoke, Reykjavik, (which is as big as you get in Iceland, only about one eighth of the population of Perth, West Aust) they will be renting a house and sadly unable to take her with them and have asked me if I would like her.  She has grown up with babies and children, so will be fine when I get to babysit Henry (hint, hint Olga & Ross) and she gets on well with Nina (her sister, different litter), they play boisterously but nice and friendly together.


you can definitely see the family resemblance in her little sister Nina

Perla and I went for a walk to the beach yesterday, it was such a beautiful sunny day with just a few clouds here and there.


 Perla had a good run fetching a bit of driftwood as we walked along the shore.
I have pretty much always had a dog in my life.  From when I was about 4 years old I remember my dad's dog (Stumpy) a Blue Heeler cross, then the Corgies my mother had (Penny and Soxie), and once I left home and married I picked up a stray Rhodesian Ridgeback cross (Rupert) and then had 2 more Rhodesian Ridgebacks later on (Mica and Peggy) plus also throw in a couple of Jack Russell's along the way (Jack and Buster). Then add my very favourite of them all, my last dog Teresa, a Keeshond, she was from the pound and approx 5 years old, I initially got her for the children who were inconsolable after their Peggy died, but Teresa was really my dog from the start, there was a connection between us that was pretty special...when I collected her from the pound she just ran straight to me, jumped up and said, 'what took you so long'...that was about 1995...after she died in 2000 I could not bring myself to get another just would not be the same, so I decided that if I ever did end up with another, the dog would have had to find me.  Perhaps she has...


  1. That's a lovely photo of Jess and MIchelle, it'll be great to see him/them at Christmas.

    Also, love the shadow photo - and Perla is gorgeous, of course! Must get a good pic of the two of them together.

    Yeah, getting a dog is pretty much setting you up for heartbreak, but I think it's worth it!