Sunday, 15 May 2011

Spring is here and more Perla love!

The weather is very changeable at the moment each day is so different, but the warmer sunny days are becoming more common and daylight is with us pretty much from 3.30 am until nearly 11pm at night.  My body clock is adjusting and I go to sleep in broad daylight and wake up in the same.

We can tell spring is here and summer is nigh as the snow seems to have left us,  the trees are bursting into leaf (the few that there are)

and shrubs are full of buds,

the grassy areas are slowly becoming greener 

and the lambs are all a bleating.

Yesterday, although overcast with a light misty rain (called súld in Icelandic)
Perla and I went for a walk up the hill around the small farms, the farm animals (sheep and horses) are all very inquisitive and usually wander up to the fence to check you out.  I wanted to see how Perla would react when around other animals, I hoped she would remain calm and quiet, she did and passed this little test with flying colours. The sheep were very interested in her and came right up to the fence with their lambs in tow to give Perla a good sniff and to check her out.  Take a look in the video below.

 We continued on our way, passed a couple of riders on horses and then walked across to the hidden have seen plenty of this place when it is white with snow, however now it is looking a little different.  I haven't really walked through here for a while as it became very slippery and treacherous with the many layers of ice and snow.
I think it will only get greener, no doubt I will post more pictures as time goes on.


  1. Such a well behaved dog!!! Am so super impressed. I need not tell you what Freyja's behaviour up there is like.

  2. She's a lovely dog Vicki, she'll make a good companion for years to come.

  3. mjog ahugavert, takk