Saturday, 28 May 2011

Welcome to the club Donna!

This particular club you need to be 50 to get in.
My youngest sister Donna turns 50 today and this is a happy birthday shout out to her from Iceland.

I have always admired the way Donna seemed to know what she wanted to do career wise (I totally fumbled this area and really didn't have a clue until I was 40).  I think from the age of about 16 Donna decided to become a social trainer (now a local area coordinator for Disability Services Commission) and has worked tirelessly for the last 34 years assisting people with disabilities and in doing so improving the quality of life for many WA families.

Being the youngest of 3 girls unfortunately meant that there were no baby photos of Donna or none anyway that have ended up in our possession.  I have however, managed to gather up a few photos that span from about 6 years old to now...sorry Donna if any of these are embarrassing but you are 50 now and not suppose to care.  Trying to do these in some sort of chronological order....hope I have got it right. 

So here we go...this is (some of) your life Donna

 Possibly grade 1 at Infant Jesus Catholic primary school
and missing a front tooth

Me, Kerry and Donna in matching outfits.
Kerry and Donna almost look like twins here

 First Holy communion at 6 or 7 years old

 A little older maybe grade 4 or 5 at Our Lady of Lourdes

It is 1971 and Donna is 9 going on 10 at our mother's 2nd wedding...obviously spent the morning at the hairdressers...the good old beehive.

Donna is around 15 here in her Pharmacy uniform...her first job.
Check out those googly eyes!

Not sure how old Donna is here maybe about 18 or 19, this was taken on her first trip overseas...really cool hair this those flick back curls on the sides.

29 years ago today Donna turned 21

She had a themed birthday party...I think it was pioneer???

Donna would be in her mid 20's one of my children's birthday parties and with her niece Bianca on her knee

 Donna in the yellow/orange jacket skiing, late 80's, I think this was the overseas trip she rushed home from when mum was diagnosed and became seriously ill with cancer.  She came home and cared for her for several months until she passed away.

 and this is Donna leaving to continue on her trip after mum died...a very teary farewell for us all.

 This pic is from last year with the love of her life...her daughter Isabella

I know she is having a bit of a shindig at her place, another themed party...guests have been asked to get their bling out and come dressed to the nines,  hopefully Kerry (middle sister) takes plenty of photos for me...they will come in handy for the 60 club blog!

 Have a happy day and a happy happy life Donna...enjoy!

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  1. Great post Vicki. We had a great time at her 50th party. We're all getting old!!