Friday, 27 May 2011

Flowers and bees do mean spring is here...maybe!

Perla permanently moved in on Sunday afternoon.

I have been walking 5-6 kms with her each day and the last couple of days the weather has been wind, lots of blue skies and plenty of sunshine!
The bees are out and buzzing around...they look totally different here from those in Australia, they are large, black and yellow stripey balls of fluffiness.  They look just like the bumble bees that you see drawn in children's story books.

Gardens are not a big thing here in Iceland (the landscape pretty much takes centre stage) but I have noticed a few people have planted bulbs and they are blooming around the place...I will try and find a spot around the post office for next year.

On my walk with Perla yesterday I bumped into an Aussie tourist from Melbourne.  Bruce (such a great Aussie name) and his wife are travelling around Iceland, unfortunately they had been slowed down by the bad weather and had actually been snowed in at Húsavík so I hope the weather stays relatively fine for them for the remainder of their trip.  I must say it was really great to hear the old Aussie accent again.

Yesterday was such a glorious day...I have to say life feels very good.  

After my chat with 'Bruce', Perla and I continued on towards the small farms where the animals all come up to the fence to greet you.  The lambs had grown since we were here a couple of weeks ago and they were wondering outside of the fence but did slowly hop back as we approached.

 Just pass the lambs on the otherside of the road were the horses.

The soft greyish fawn one was just beautiful, very inquisitive and she had one brown eye and one blue.  I don't know how common this is but I had not seen one before and I was mesmerised...she was gorgeous.

and just in case you are not sick of looking at the animals here is a little video I made.

However with only a few days away from official summer today looks like this

a bit drizzly and overcast...but still could still all change today as we have about another 12 hrs of daylight to go...the sun may still appear from behind the clouds.

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  1. That bee looks just like the ones we saw in New Zealand. They didn't buzz around too much, could get really close to them without them flying away. Don't think they have a sting either (maybe??).

    I know a woman who has one brown eye and one blue eye!!

    That last picture would be a nice water colour!!