Friday, 11 November 2011

11.11.11 Special birthday wish!

Happy birthday sweet sis!  


Kerry your birthday numbers this year are supposedly lucky and quite significant, besides all the numerology stuff that is out there it is also World Interconnectedness Day and of course as you know Remembrance Day.

You are the one who has known me for the longest of times, we are so alike in many ways and yet as different as chalk and cheese, we have a long shared history and somehow just seem to get each others drift.   Over the years we have learned to respect and appreciate each other for who we are.  You have always been my sounding board...the one who will tell me straight when I am off target and need to think again...I have really appreciated your candor over the years.

You are only 374 days younger than me,

 we have a close bond and have shared many a birthday party together. 


You were definitely a cutey 

 and even though you started out life pretty bald 


you ended up with the thickest head of hair of all!

As a teenager you were a great follower of fashion

but as you grew older and traded in the teenage years for the joy of motherhood, fashion no longer seemed so important.

Kerry you are funny, sensitive, gentle and loving, I miss you heaps and wish you all the luck and happiness that 11.11.11 can bring!


  1. Oh you made me cry. Thank you my darling sister XX

  2. I love the photos and words and can share in the sentiments as I have a special sister too!!