Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ah the Red Cross!

Olga (daughter-inlaw) and I have a lot in common, we seem to think the same way about many things and like much the same stuff, one being that we both eagerly look forward to the first Saturday of each month.  So if asked what we are doing on that particular Saturday Olga and I have been known to reply in unison...RED CROSS! Both of us spend only about 1500 ISK per month each around $12 AUD on clothes and that also includes apparel for Ross and Henry.  We get more enjoyment and satisfaction from that 1500ISK spent at the Red Cross than probably any other money spent elsewhere.

At the local Red Cross you stuff as much as you can to overflowing in a plastic shopping bag for 1500 kronur and the odd separate items are 200 kronur.  So after 2-3 items are in the bag I consider the rest as free...I rarely try anything on...if it doesn't fit I will give it away, return to the Red Cross another time or recycle into something I always need cotton rags in the studio.  A couple of months ago I scored a brand new pair of levi's boot cut jeans, did not try them on and they fitted better and more flattering than any pair of jeans I have bought in the last 15 years.

On the outside I may not look that animated but deep within I am filled feverish with anticipation...wondering what I will come home with. I am not sure about the reasoning behind it but I think there are 4 things in play here...for me at least (I can't speak for Olga).  Firstly the surprise in what you find, not having any preconceived idea of what you are looking for but then finding it anyway and it being so much better than you could have imagined is exciting.  Secondly the thrill of the bargain....getting something for virtually nothing gives you a little tingle of smugness. Thirdly there is certainly no immediate shopping gratification here in this little town (you just can't go OP shopping when the fancy takes you as I did back in Australia) the having to wait...I think...heightens the experience.  And the final point (the most important) is that one can pat themselves on the back for doing a little bit for the environment by not purchasing everything new and recycling some of what has already been placed on this planet.

So last Saturday Olga and I both scored in the old sewing basket line, you can see Olga's here and this is mine, only 200ISK about $1.80AUD plus my lovely son Ross actually paid for it, so when I use it I will always think of him.

The padded lid is a little stained but apart from that it is in excellent condition no holes or tears in the lining and the cane work on the basket is perfect.

 Small joys are just the best!


  1. Vicki this reminds me of when you would turn up at my place in Armadale at 6 o'clock on a Sunday morning with your gloves and torch to take me to the markets. I remember the excitement of finding a bargain. Loved those days!

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  3. Wow,the basket is a bargain, I would have taken it myself! I started to laugh on the idea of you bringing the things back to the Red Cross - just because it´s around the corner. Sure , it´s a small travel for the things :)
    But I´d like to say that I am a fan and a giver myself and that from all the Red Crosses in Iceland, the best is the Akureyri one - HUGE turnover of goods and only 1000 kr/basket.