Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday Ice: Life at Drangar

This 15 min documentary is about the life of Sveinn Kristínsson who has lived most of his life on a farm at Drangar in the North of Iceland.  It is a lovely gentle tale that highlights the life style of Sveinn who lives a very simple but hard working life.  He works the farm that his parents bought in 1953 when he was 7 years old, he fishes, hunts, looks after Eider ducks and harvests their down. What seems like a very harsh lifestyle Sveinn nevertheless conveys to us his happiness and contentment in being able to live in the place he grew up in.

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  1. howdy..I found you via tsduff..and I have a question. I have traced my family tree and found that after all these years we're not Irish that our ancestor was a viking who settled in England and did protection duty for some Duke. Now that's cool..but we don't know where he came from ..can you tell me if Roycroft is a name common in Iceland?...and the country of Iceland is absolutely amazing and beautiful...jackie