Sunday, 6 November 2011


It has been a while coming but I have finally been able to set up a functioning art studio that is light and airy...a space that I want to be in.  Well to tell the truth it is only half complete and I will make a concerted effort to finish the other half before Christmas and start the new year with the resolution of spending a little of each day in it.

The pic below is of the space before I purchased the building,  pretty much the furniture you see was all left behind bar a couple of the filing units.  Much of it I have utilised in the studio and not needed to purchase anything motto has been when I have needed something...the Old Post Office will provide!

The object of my nightmares was my etching press...when my container of household goods were delivered, the press was placed on the middle floor as the removalists were able to back the truck bed level with the back door and wheel it out on a trolley.  However the problem was that it needed to end up in the basement, which was down two flights of stairs.

When Thor, Olga's dad was here in June/July, I asked if he might be able to pull it apart and re assemble downstairs but he was not into that idea at all and thought brute force was the way to go.  So whilst his brother-inlaw Hermann and family were camping in town for a week, for a horse riding event (actually the weather was terrible, so they camped in the middle floor of the Old Post office) and with the added brute strength of my son Ross and his mate Gerry the Scotsman, the press was moved to the basement.

The press was separated from its base as this made it not so awkward to carry, the boys made it look   easy (although I am sure it wasn't) and within mere minutes the press was moved and sitting in its new home...for the cost of a round of beers at Kaffí Krok.

The strain on Gerry's face (back right) relates a little of how heavy it was!

No sound here but there was a big grunt sigh of relief as they placed the press back on its frame.

Thor and Hermann tightening up the bolts!

The press is an ex university art press one that I knew well as I used to teach printmaking with it about 10 years ago but it now was no longer being used as the course had been discontinued.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase it before I left Australia.  Although looking a little worse for wear and missing a few knobs off the wheel and handles it was my favourite small press as it never failed to print well...and thankfully still does.

This part of the basement has fantastic natural light, and just needed a good clean and repaint to remove the 30 years of grime that had accumulated.  The lino on the floor was in relatively good condition, although had a build up of old polish which made it look dirty.  I stripped the floor and resealed...such a long and tedious job but well worth the effort as it came up a treat.



When I finish the other half of the room which is the area beyond in the above photo, things will move around a bit more...and I still have to bring down from upstairs my 150 year old plan drawer that I need to pull apart as it is too wide to get through the doorways.  The stairs you see lead up to what will eventually be the art retail/gallery business.

Below is a pic of the other half of the space yet to do that has a sink area plus separate bathroom facilities. 


  1. The place is looking fantastic. Congratulations!

  2. The studio looks fantastic Vicki....a lot of hard work has gone into making it a lovely place to work!