Monday, 19 December 2011

Monday Ice : Gleðileg jól

Wow Christmas is nearly upon us and I seem to be running out of time to get everything done before family arrive.  We are into our shortest days at the moment, sunrise is at 11.45 and sunset at 14.45 so the daylight is only 3hrs...however in only a week or so the days start to get longer and we move towards the eventual 24hr daylight of summer.  I find these constant changes in the light so fascinating. 

I still walk around this town twice a day...morning and night...even though the sun is not up the town is lit up like a Christmas tree so it doesn't feel all that dark to me.

These pics are not so good as Perla was pulling on the lead when I was trying to take the shots...something about snow makes her frisky but I am sure you will get the idea. Nearly every house and flats have lights up in the windows and these are just a few of the ones I pass on our walks.

Christmas is hard to miss in Iceland and each day there is some sort of celebration/event going on whether it be a choir singing carols in the supermarket or children dancing and singing around the Christmas  tree.

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I will be taking a 2 week hiatus from the blog to spend time with family who all arrive from Australia this week...Jesse my youngest and his girlfriend arrive tomorrow...I am so excited, Eva and her partner John and Dom will be here on Friday. 

I leave you with a Christmas wish from some of the 13 Yule Lads (Icelandic Santas) and until we meet again in 2012 have a very Merry Merry Christmas.


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas Vicki, enjoy having all your babies with you. See you on the 29th!! Your photos are beautiful. Thank you!

  2. Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for sharing your new life in Iceland.

  3. Great photos Vicki...looks sooo christmassy. Have fun with the kids and we'll try and get on Skype sometime christmas day. Love you lots XX

  4. Hello! I'm one of the BAO gang (group #4 this round)and just popping over to Iceland to say "welcome."

    I'm definitely bookmarking this blog! day...I'll get to Iceland.

    kia hari te tau hou
    (Yeah...I'm a kiwi)