Thursday, 1 March 2012

Geocaching update

This post is really just a reason to share some scenic photos taken on the weekend.  The weather here has been really pleasant, not much snow, sunny days with daylight hours from around 8am-7pm. 

On Sunday I spent the afternoon with my geocaching buddies Patricia and Bjarki and visited a place called Hrafnagil (Ravens gully) where we had to hike into a small canyon to find the cache.  

We  scrambled over rocks...they are quite loose and seem to just balance precariously in place.

The cache was not too hard to find although I did end up on my bottom as I reached up to retrieve the cache...the rock, the cache and me came tumbling down...all is well as I seem to have plenty of padding in that area.

Next stop was near the deserted farm Illugastaðir not far from Sauðárkrókur.  This is truly a beautiful spot.

The sun was shining and blue skies were breaking through the clouds.

 it was spectacular!

 Patricia and Bjarki retrieving the cache,

the area looks so isolated

yet there are two houses on opposite hillsides...the pink one definitely looks lived in...they certainly suit the hermit in me

On the way back home we called in to Grettislaug so Patricia and Bjarki could do the cache there (I have done this one before a couple of times when I have had overseas visitors).  So while they were on the hunt I took a few photos. 

Drangey was bathed in light with moody sky.

 Hopefully this summer I get the chance to take a trip there to see the puffins.


  1. Beautiful photos Vicki...but it still looks cold to me!

  2. Lovely photos. Isolated!

  3. Sitting here on a hot Brisbane summer day (Oh 2nd day of autumn) it all looks wonderful! Your photos are beautiful, especially the 4th one, the isolated houses, and the 2nd last. Love them!

  4. WOW! Gorgeous photos. Keep them coming please.

  5. WOW! Gorgeous photos. Keep them coming please.

  6. I am enjoying your lovely Iceland vignettes. But geocaching? I'd be hopeless! I can't even use my cell phone beyond basics.