Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday Ice: Jon Gnarr

I love this guy, I think he has got guts, he took on the politicians and now as the mayor of Reykjavik...totally out of his comfort zone he gives the role his best shot.  Gnarr a stand up comedian, whose job was to poke fun at the pollies was elected in 2010 with a campaign that was very tongue in cheek and I think no one was more surprised about being elected than Jon Gnarr with his Best Party...Besti Flokkurinn.  A reminder of his campaign is here.

In this video by Reverse Shot, taken in New York, Gnarr talks honestly about how he rates himself as Mayor of Reykjavik.


  1. I especially like his outfits in the Gay Pride Parades. It must be refreshing having a non-politician as mayor.

  2. Perhaps more of non-politicians is what is needed these days. There has recently been very bitter infighting going on in Australia between the current Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that just reduces the top job in Australia to playground jealousies and revenge tactics.