Saturday, 12 May 2012

End of week 12!

 Firstly I just want to send love and a special birthday wish to my youngest son in Australia, Jesse who turns 25 today.  I Hope to catch you on skype sometime over the weekend darling, miss you heaps, enjoy your day.


Where does the time go.... it has been 5 weeks since I last gave you an update on Gamla Pósthúsið renovations.  However during this time it has been mainly hidden work and not a lot of external changes to show until this week, although men have been here every working day...doing stuff!

In the last few weeks it seemed to be mainly electrical and plumbing that has taken up most of the hours in each day.

a lot of electric cables were going into walls

 and ceilings. 

Plumbing outlets installed in the walls, bathrooms and kitchens

and an air tunnel for the fan installed from the bathroom to outside.
Once all the cables were in the walls the painter came along 

filling and sanding in readiness for painting.

 Parts of the ceiling where the beams are

 were prepared 

 for boxing in.

In between all this the painter has been here everyday (even on public holidays, it is now 8am Sat and he is here now) sanding, priming and undercoating...

The framework for the ceiling was added whilst waiting on the electricians

Once the electricians were finished the ceilings could be put in place.

 View from apartment 1 entry

View from bedroom of apartment 1 through to the bathroom.

View from main entry to apartment 2

View from apartment 2 to the main entry

View towards entry door from apartment 1

Kitchen area of apartment 2

Lounge dining area of apartment 2

Each bathroom has space to eventually house a washer/dryer

the shower recesses has been waterproofed

The bathroom tiles have been delivered in readiness for tiling next week.

The end to the renovations I sense are not too far is exciting but scary at the same much to do and prepare for.  I am pretty sure there will be plenty to reveal next week.

So until then enjoy your weekend!


  1. Looking great Vicki. Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. So much progress, and so fast! That's awesome.

  3. It's such a huge renovation Vicki, it must be exciting to see that you are getting near the end.

  4. I somehow missed this post. All looking fantastic Vicki. Now for the fun part!!

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