Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday Ice: The struggle is not over yet!

This little film by Nicola Sessa and Claudia Pozzoli takes a look at the Icelandic crash of 2008 and some of the events since up to Dec 2011.  The film is spoken in English but you will need to practice your Italian to read some of the text. 


  1. Thank goodness I understand English. Not being able to converse in several languages make me feel like an idiot. I could blame our schools or ethnocentrism, but the fault is ultimately mine for not taking advantage of opportunities. I'll keep trying anyway even at this age.

  2. Jon I also struggle with languages...languages were not a big focus in Australian schools when I was young. I do understand a tiny little bit of Italian from a previous life with my ex's family. I struggle with the Icelandic language which is compounded by no readily available classes in this small town, plus I live alone, not in the local workforce and nearly everyone here also speaks English so it is very easy to get by...I must try a little harder. I love the sound of the Icelandic language, as I do Italian and French. If I can eventually understand it in conversations and make myself basically understood...I will die happy!