Wednesday, 1 August 2012


A few weeks ago I spent another lovely day in Siglufjörður with friends Patricia and Bjarki.  If you are a regular reader you will know I have mentioned this place a few times but this day I was able to explore a little more of the history of the place.

Siglufjörður is the northernmost town in Iceland 

and was once the Herring capital of the country.

It is such a pretty place and we do come here often, only an hours drive away from Sauðárkrókur.

This particular weekend there was a music festival on and all the museums were open.

As I had not visited the museums before I made the most of it this day.

This museum is full of fishing boats and all the bits that go with them.
For some reason all the museums were quite dark making it  difficult to take good photos.

Another museum was the fish meal factory 

 and if you have a thing for old industrial equipment this is the place for you

 quite fascinating

 There was an old film running which showed workers and how the factory operated in its hey day!

Plus a sound track of the operational noise of the place...which brought it to life as you walked past the exhibits.

 I expect this is where the testing and quality checks were done.

 Often in Icelandic museums you feel you have slipped through some sort of time tunnel 

as many of their exhibits are exact replicas of how a space was in its operating prime.

Someone obviously worked and slept in this all most feel like they just got up from a little nap on the bed.

The kitchen/scullery area

 This photo just gives you some idea how big the Herring industry was here.

 There are boats used everywhere

There were fish on these trays for some sort of demo that I missed 

but the birds were loving the leftovers.

 it is a pretty town with lots of fascinating buildings

and of course these two places
where we always end up to gorge eat before we leave.

Of course the drive there and back is always pretty stunning, no matter which route.

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  1. I've only been here once, and that was last year right after the festival. Unfortunately we weren't very luck with the weather, it was cold and raining. So we just ended up driving around the in the car looking at the buildings, which was still kind of nice. Maybe next time we go we'll have more luck with the weather and can walk around a bit and explore :)