Saturday, 4 August 2012

Geocaching around Blönduós and Hvammstangi

The weather has been pretty glorious here of late and so I have been out and about a fair bit...geocaching...which is really just a glorified excuse to spend time in this fabulous landscape.

This particular day we explored the Blönduós/Hvammstangi area and this craggy cliff was inbetween Blönduós and Skagaströnd.

 Patricia and Bjarki happy to have found the cache under a rock...which rock you might ask???

 Love the pleated skirt rock formation

 There was a cache hidden just near here on this little island in the Blanda river, Blönduós

 We got too walk along a trail that meandered through a thick undergrowth of a little forest...unusual in Iceland!

 Iceland's  Anjelica

 The Blanda River

 popular with fisherman for it's Salmon.

 There was a cache just on the roadside about 6kms outside of Hvammstangi,

with a lovely vista.

There were caches near a couple of churches.

 Þingeyrar, 19th century stone church, consecrated 9th September 1877

 The curved vault is painted blue with 1000 gilt stars.

A more traditional Icelandic church in Hvammstangi.

 By this time we were a little on the hungry side and stopped at a cafe near the Seal museum in Hvammstangi before the journey home.

The last cache on the way home was my favourite as it was inside this deserted farmhouse, which has been abandoned for 60-70 years.

 However, it was still in rather good condition

 several layers of wallpaper down to hessian

The wooden walls were still in excellent shape underneath the paper.

I think a few birds may have called this place home for a while.

The stairs felt very strong and solid under foot...the cache is up there!

This kitchen area was very dark 

This pic taken with the flash

a couple of fabulous pieces of furniture 

The exterior was just as lovely as the interior

 A couple of the horses were sniffing out our silver mare.

and a very curious sheep!

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