Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Snow view from the Pósthús window

On Friday we had the most gentle of beautiful snow falls it was just so pretty, I kept stopping by the window every few minutes to watch and thought how fortunate I am to be here whilst many Australians, Brazilians and Sri Lankans are not so lucky and suffering the massive devastation of flooding.

When I took this little video of the snow falling I was playing very loudly a cd I bought second hand from a school fete about 15 years ago, music from the television series Northern Exposure...I love this cd and have never got sick of it (although I think my kids have)...I play it often and it is getting a good bash now as I have only just unpacked my cds and player.  The song that happened to be playing when I was videoing from the window is Báiléro from Chánts d'Auvernge performed by Frederica Von Stade with the Royal Philarmonic orchestra.  It seemed to suit the video so have left it in.


 A Raven/Crow in the snow

The after effects of the blizzard last week...there were a few cars snowed in around the town.

 Ross has moved his drums into one of the rooms in the basement and drops by after work nearly each day to play for an hr or so...he is underground pretty much so not too much noise to bother me...I just turn my music up a tad more anyway.

I promise I will post more photos of the post house shortly....I have nearly finished painting 3 rooms, just need to unpack a few more boxes and then I will take some pics.


  1. OMG all that snow! :)
    How are you adjusting to the climate? Must be a bit of a shock to the system.. but I know you are a Viking at heart and that you are probably smiling through it all! :)

    Am so glad that you won the give-away and Marshall too was happy you were the one.
    Yes, we'll come and visit one day for sure. It's high on our list to go to Iceland!

    Happy painting!

    xx Charlotta

  2. The snow looks amazing, but very very cold. We are having lovely high 20 days here in Perth. But still wishing for some rain.

    Ross seems to have settled in well....in the basement!!

  3. Mum, your snow cam is like the opening scene to the antichrist! (I'm just being a shit) BUT...It does look amazingly beautiful and I love how you move the camera in time to the music.

    Miss you...and Rosco!

    Very happy for you and glad you are embracing the beauty around you. Lots of love