Friday, 15 April 2011

Snowman and Little Sparrows

This is a shameless plug from a proud mother, for two of my children's creative ventures, my son Ross' band Snowman and my daughter Eva's film Little Sparrows.

L-R, Olga Sigurthorsdottir, Ross Di Blasio, Aditya Citawarman and Joseph McKee

On the 22nd of this month my son (Ross) and daughter inlaw's (Olga) band Snowman release their third and final Album.  Snowman have been together for seven years and have just recently decided to call it quits so members can each pursue their own goals.  But before they went their separate ways they recorded a parting gift to fans with the very aptly titled final album, ∆bsence.  It has been several years in the making and if the ground swell/blog love for the single Hyena is anything to go on, fans already love it.

  Hyena by SNOWMAN

If you would like to know a little more about the group read what Joe Mckee has to say on their SoundCloud page or read an interview or two here and here.

Snowman have enjoyed a well deserved cult following for many years now and after the release of their last highly acclaimed album The Horse The Rat And The Swan  the band decided to move from Perth Australia, to London where ∆bsence was recorded with Aaron Cupples (The Drones, Dan Kelly, Civil Civic).

∆bsence will be released on the 22nd April and is available now for pre order here if you want to know more check out their FaceBook page.

I have mentioned Little Sparrows before once, twice or maybe even three times but the film is finally getting theatrical release in its hometown of Perth where it was filmed over 19 days.  The premiere is on the 5th May at Luna Cinemas, specifically at Cinema Paradiso, however this may be a limited season so if your interested best to book your tickets online here.

The film has received fantastic audience response around the world with a standing ovation in Rome  and rave reviews at many of the International film Festivals it has participated in.

Recently Bolderpictures for Little Sparrows won the Lotterywest Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama at the 24th WA Screen Awards and towards the end of 2010 Camille Chen (Director) and Eva (Producer) were winners of the prestigious SPAARTAN Award for the DigiSPAA Feature Film Competition.

If you are not in Perth but happen to be in London you can still see Little Sparrows at the 17th London Australian Film Festival on the 10th May. For more information checkout their Facebook page.


  1. I'm not sure I am happy you put Ross first in your know I am the first born. But I will forgive you seems he lives next door to you. ;)

    Thanks for all your support Mum, for all of us! Your the bestest!! XXX

  2. Hello Vicky!

    What a lovely and proud post! xx

    I am listening to Hyena as I am typing this and I love how 'tribal' it is - such strong sense of earthiness.

    It's both sad and exciting that they are moving on, and I can imagine the parting will be hard on the group. I wish them the best of luck.

    Congratulations also to your daugther on her 'Little Sparrow'. I am watching the clip next.

    I can so see where the creative gene is stemming from!! Hope you have had an improvement in your health and that you are able to paint again.

    Big hugs from a grey and rainy Sydney.

    xx Charlotta

  3. Tears streaming down my face. What a moving film clip Vicky. So deep, emotional and insightful. Looks to be a beautiful and life changing film. I hope she gets amazing reviews - she really deserves it.

    What talented your own 'little sparrows' all are. My heart is glowing for you.

    xx Charlotta

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