Thursday, 8 December 2011

Last Chance!

Last chance for a spot of Geocaching until next Spring.  It is pretty hard to Geocache in Iceland during the winter as everything is covered in a couple of feet of snow and the traditional hiding spots (under a rock) are not discernible anymore.  So Sat a week and a half ago I accepted the invitation to go out for the afternoon with Bjarki, Patricia and Annabel, the days are quite short, with sunrise at 11am and sunset at 3pm so we no longer can go out and cache to midnight.

 Annabel with Patricia and Bjarki who are in snowsuits an absolute must Geo outfit if you intend to geocache in Iceland in winter.

There are not many forest here but there is a cache in this small Holar Forest, very pretty.

Holar University

The landscape is amazingly beautiful.  I love how everything changes here, one moment it is all green and chocolate and the next white.

 A hilltop view from one of the caches we found

It was a lovely afternoon however as I had slipped over on the ice on my way home from Ross' earlier in the leg did hurt a bit but being me stubborn I soldiered on, however by the end of the day my knee was very swollen and it hurt a lot, I was having trouble walking and feeling very much like an old lady!  Note to self: Do not go walking on ice without my mannebrodder's on!