Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Spring snow???

Just when I said spring was definitely here, she decided to play a game of hide and seek over the last week. The weather took a turn and became quite blustery and cold with the occasional light fall of snow that would melt before it touched the ground.  I have even had to resurrect the long johns, scarf, hat and gloves for my walks outside with Perla.   This morning the snow had not melted before it hit the ground and I awoke to a light dusting of snow around the place, no one seems too surprised and just say well that's Iceland for you!

 Perla on the balcony this morning (you can see the snow on the decking)

Town Square this morning

The mountains once again dusted in snow

I would much rather have the wind and snow than the ash fall that is making life very difficult for all in the south, the farmers in particular are once again having a hard time.

If you wish to view some more pics of the Grímsvötn fallout, check these out on Flickr and remember at the moment we have at least 18hrs daylight and it does not really get dark anymore (no matter what time of the night I get up I never need to turn the light on), however the sunlight has certainly been obscured by the ash in the south.

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  1. Looks cold again Vic...it's pretty cold here too..but it's not snowing!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that there is no eruption around Xmas. Very sad for the farmers.